Radiology is the medical discipline that uses medical imaging to diagnose and treat diseases within the bodies of animals and humans.
* X- Ray *Ultrasound *Uroflowmetry

Pharmacy 24X7

Pharmacy is the clinical health science that links medical science with chemistry and it is charged with the discovery, production, disposal, safe and effective use, and control of medications and drugs.


A nebulizer is a piece of medical equipment that a person with asthma or another respiratory condition can use to administer medication directly and quickly to the lungs


Pathology is the study of the causes and effects of disease or injury. The word pathology also refers to the study of disease in general, incorporating a wide range of biology research fields and medical


NICU stands for newborn intensive care unit. This is a nursery in a hospital that provides around-the-clock care to sick or premature babies.


special newborn care units (sncus) have been established to provide care for sick newborns, that is, all type of neonatal care except assisted ventilation and major surgeries.


A high-dependency unit is an area in a
hospital, where patients can be cared for more extensively than on a normal ward, but not to the point of intensive care.


An intensive care unit, also known as an intensive therapy unit or intensive treatment unit or critical care unit, is a special department of a hospital or health care facility that provides intensive care medicine.